Does anyone know for a fact whether or not Mewtwo is shiny locked in Pokemon X and Y? I need a definite answer because I’m doing the SR method right now and I don’t wanna waste my time if it’s shiny locked

It’s shiny locked

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Looking for a super size, female, pumpkaboo in a moon ball!

If possible I’d like it to have its HA :3

I have plenty to trade just shoot me a message

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  • AnonymousWhat the eff is a rare ball and dream ball and why is everyone going mad over wanting one?
  • pokekindness

    Hello Anon!

    You’ve asked the right person, I’m somewhat of a collector! (The Rare Ball tab is getting quite out of hand!)

    Rare balls are pokeballs that can no longer be aquired in the game, and therefor must be bred from a female already existing in that ball (Only females can pass on balls, therefore only females are usually of value)

    They look like this:

    The top one is a Dream ball, which came from the now closed dream world of Gen 5. These are particaluarly sepcial because most dream ball pokemon can have thier HA (hidden ability).

    The Second row are apricorn balls. They are Fast, Friend, Heavy, Level, Love, Lure and Moon balls, respectively. These came from Heartgold and Soulsilver, and can be any pokemon catchable in those games, but cannot legally exist with their HA.

    The final row includes the Sport ball, which can hold a small number of bug type pokemon that exist in the Bug Catching Contest from Heartgold and Soulsilver. Lastly, the safari ball, which can hold pokemon available in the safari zones of the old games.

    People love to trade for these because with a female you can breed more, and they are highly sought after for how nice they look. Many people like to breed important pokemon such as their competitive team or shinies, from rare balls.

    Hope that cleared things up!

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Rare ball Pokemon: Defined

I’ve seen people trying to pass off non-rare ball Pokemon as rare ball and it’s really bothering me. I’ve decided to put together a general definition for ‘Rare ball Pokemon’.

Let me know if there’s anything anyone would like to amend or add.


Firstly, any Pokemon captured in a Johto specific ball: moon, heavy, level, friend, love, or lure.

Secondly, any Pokemon captured in dream balls or safari balls.

Thirdly, Pokemon caught in balls—other than pokeballs—that cannot normally be obtained in-game and usually can only be caught by hacking. For example: fossil Pokemon, Johto starters, Hoenn starters, Sinnoh starters, and Unova starters.

If someone is offering something else as a rare ball Pokemon it’s probably not.

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  • silbannaany chance you'd be willing to give out some of those shiny pokemon outside of wonder trade?
  • I’d be willing to trade for other shinies~ I’ll be doing another giveaway soon though ^w^ hopefully it’ll be up this weekend :3

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Rare Ball Pokemon!

I’ve updated my list of rare ball Pokemon so please take a look if you’re interested ouo/)

I’m mostly looking for rare ball 5/6th gen pokemon, dream ball pokemon, and HA rare ball pokemon from all gens  <3

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So i was trying to make one of my evee’s into a vaporean so i gave it a water stone. It wasn’t evolving and i figured it was cause it was like lvl 2.

So i finally get to lvl 20 and it evolves…

Into an Umbreon!

What have i done wrong xD

You have to USE the stone |D holding it doesn’t work.

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